I am still loving the WeMo Light Switch that I installed, so I also tried the WeMo Wi-Fi Smart Plugs.  Easy-peasy just plug them into the wall outlet, and plug in any device.  The setup was identical to that of the WeMo Light Switch, but while setting up I looked more closely at what the “Rules” option could do.

With the switches & plugs, you have 3 options: Schedule, Auto-Off Timer, Long-Press Rule and Away Mode:


  • Schedule:  Allows you to set a on/off schedule for a device.  The schedule can be set to specific on/off times, or to on/off times relative to sunrise & sunset.  LOVE the fact that my outdoor lights come one just before sunset, and turn off automatically just before sunrise.
  • Auto-off Timer: Allows you to automatically turn off a device after it has been on for a set period of time.  This can be set for “All Day, Daily” or to a specific time period or days of the week.  COOL that the lamps won’t be left on forever anymore!
  • Long-Press: Allows you to program the “long-press” (2 seconds) of a switch to control some or all of your WeMo devices.  This is AWESOME for turning on lamps as I enter the house.
  • Away Mode: Allows you to set “away time” and WeMo will randomly turn off/on selected devices during this period to simulate usage (this will override other rules).  GREAT for when you are going to be away for an extended amount of time.


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