By setting up Family Sharing you can share iTunes, iBooks and App Store purchases with up to 5 additional members of your designated “family”.  Family Sharing means no more duplicate purchases by members of your family, and also provides you with the opportunity to approve (or deny) purchases for children.

  • As the Organizer of the “Family” you agree to pay for purchases by members of your family (so you all must have the same credit card on file).
  • Family Sharing allows you to approve (or deny) purchases for family members younger than 13 with the “Ask to Buy” feature.
  • Items purchased by family members are available for download by all other family members.
  •  If the apps are already owned by any family member, “Ask to Buy” process is not initiated since the App is NOT being bought, only downloaded (Apps not appropriate for all family may be “hidden”!)
  • Additional features of family sharing include a shared family calendar, Find my Friends (which can be disabled), and family photo sharing.


My name is Peggy Flaxman, I founded Slice Tech Solutions in 2017 to provide technical support and training to indivduals, families and small businesses. I am a problem-solver by nature, and enjoy helping others understand and enjoy technology.

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