With the release of High Sierra near, I noticed that the minimum system requirements are 2GB of memory and about 8GB of available storage (but please, please, please don’t install it if you have on 2GB of RAM!)  The terms “memory” and “storage” can be confusing, so here’s a quick rundown of the two ways of storing information on your computer, along with my favorite analogy that helps explain why you need BOTH, and why more is better.

Memory = RAM = Temporary Location = COUNTER SPACE

Storage = Hard Disk = Permanent Locatin = CABINET/PANTRY SPACE

Imagine yourself making a delicious Apple Cake… you have all the ingredients you need, but the ingredients are all over the kitchen.   If you collect all the ingredients and place them on the counter beside your mixing bowl, you can quickly and efficiently combine the ingredients.  Your operating system does this for you as your are working – it anticipates what you need (based on what your are doing), and stores these items in “memory” so that they are quickly accessible.  In the kitchen when you have more cabinets and counter space, it’s easier to locate items and therefore tasks (like processes on a computer with generous memory and hard drive space) are quicker and more efficient!


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