Support & Training on Your Schedule

Slice provides IT support and training to individuals, families and small businesses. Services include installation, optimization and integration of Apple hardware and software in home and small business environments. Slice Tech Solutions is Apple focused, but other devices (printer, WiFi/Internet connectivity) and platforms are also supported.


    Are you frustrated with your technology? Is it slowing you down? I can help resolve issues with your devices, teach you how to use them so that they enhance your life, or coordinate repair by qualified technicians. I can provide support and training in the environment of your choice – wherever is comfortable and convenient for you. 

    Is there new technology you’d like to implement? I can facilitate purchase, installation and optimization of many Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as bluetooth trackers, smart thermostats, and doorbells.

    Mysterious data overages on you mobile phone bill? In-App purchases you didn’t approve? I can help determine the cause and set limits on devices to prevent future problems.