83% of Surveyed Teens own an iPhone – I wonder how many are using these two potentially life-saving features?

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This feature can be set to silence incoming calls notifications automatically either when the phone connects to the car’s Bluetooth, or when it detects motion (so yes, it works on a bike, too!) Auto-Reply messages can be sent to everyone or to select groups to let them know that you’re driving.  

To setup, open the “Settings” app and select “Do Not Disturb”. More info here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204321

Emergency SOS & Medical ID

The SOS features allows you to contact emergency services (911) with a specified button combination. After contacting emergency services, your location can be sent to your emergency contacts as well. More information can be found here.

To setup, open “Settings” and then select Emergency SOS. The key combination differs by phone model.

The Medical ID feature (part of the Health App) allows you to add pertinent health info and emergency contacts. This information can be accessed by anyone even from a LOCKED phone. More information can be found here.

To setup, open the Health App, and select the Medical ID tab in the lower right hand corner.


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