Mail uses a Previous Recipients List to autocomplete mail addresses as you type.  Some of these are addresses from your Contacts list, the rest is a never-ending list of everyone to whom you’ve ever sent an email. (Trust me, eliminate the possibly of accidentally emailing the man at the water company an *endearing* email intended for your beloved about the cereal bowl left in the sink.  Trust me, it was awkward…)

Removing Old Recipients 

  • Open Mail
  • Select Window –> Previous Recipients (recipients that are in your Contacts have a card icon to the left of the name)

  • Select the “Last Used” column twice to sort by date
  • With the oldest now listed first, select obsolete recipients thenselect “Remove from List”

Updating Recipients

  • If you have Smart Addresses enabled, you can select the arrow to the right of the addressee and select “Edit Address”

  • If you do not have Smart Addresses enabled, your addressees appear in the form of 
  •  To enable, go to Mail –>Preferences –>Viewing to enable




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