How to capture items as they appear on your Mac:

To capture the ENTIRE screen use command-shift-3. A jpg will be stored on your desktop.

To capture a PORTION of the screen use command-shift-4. You be able to use the directional arrows to select the portion you wish to capture. Hit ENTER and the jpg will be stored to your desktop.

With MacOS Mojave, you will see a preview on the screen shot in the lower right-hand portion of your screen. If you select this preview (double-click) you can crop, edit or create and add a signature to a screenshot.

To keep your Desktop clean, you can choose a default landing place for screen shots — use this only if you are familiar with the Terminal app!

  • Create a new directory where you wish to automatically store the screen shots. (I created a directory called “Screenshots” on my Desktop.)
  • Open the terminal app, type in: defaults write location /Users/[YourNameHere]/Desktop/[FolderName] — defaults write location/Users/peggyflaxman/Desktop/Screenshots

If you are not comfortable with the Terminal app, right click you mouse while on the desktop and choose “Use Stacks” so that stack of like items are stored on your desktop.

Other Mac keyboard shortcuts can be found here.

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